PLM book list (Tongmyong University)

1 The Essentials of Business Etiquette BE Barbara Pachter
2 Bills of lading – a guide to good practice BL Stephen Mills/ Anchorage Press
3 Bills of Lading – Law and practice 2nd edition BL ref Alan Mitchelhill
4 Guide to International Logistics: Seafreight Forwarding 4th edition BL ref Straits Times Press
5 Career Paths Logistics + audio EL Express Publishing
6 Elements of Shipping 8th edition ES Alan E. Branch
7 Branch’s Elements of Shipping 9th edition ES (new book) Alan E. Branch & Michael Robarts
8 International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)- 2010 Edition ES ref
9 International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)- 2012 Edition- Volume 1 ES ref
10 International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)- 2012 Edition- Volume 2 ES ref
11 Understanding Financial Management_ A Practical Guide (2005) FA
12 Fundamental Accounting Principles 20th edition FA (new book) J. Wild, et. al., McGraw-Hill
13 Fundamentals of Financial Management  12th edition FA (new book)
14 Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education_ Cross-Cultural Understandings GU Joseph Zajda, Kassie Freeman/ Springer
15 Essentials of Inventory Management IM Max Muller
16 Standard Korean- Entrance I (Workbook + Worknote) KL1-3
17 Standard Korean- Basis II  (Workbook + Worknote) KL4-6
18 Logistics & SCM Management 4th edition LM Martin Christopher/ Prentice Hall
19 Managerial Accounting 14th edition MA Garrison, Noreen, Brewer/ McGraw Hill
20 Accounting 25e MA ref Warren, Reeve, Duchac
21 ACCA paper F2 Management Accounting MA ref BPP Learning Media
22 Macroeconomics 5th edition MAE R. Glenn Hubbard
23 Microeconomics 19th edition MIE (new book) McConnell, Brue, Flynn
24 Principles of Microeconomics 5th edition MIE N.Gregory Mankiw
25 A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013 for Scientists and Engineers MOS1 Bernard V.Liengme
26 Step by Step- Microsoft Access 2013 MOS2 Joyce Cox, Joan Lambert
27 Microsoft Office Access 2007 MOS2 ref Virginia Andersen
28 A Concise Guide to Market Research 2th Edition MR Marko Sarstedt, Erik Mooi/ Springer
29 Market Research MR ref Robin Birn, Patrick Forsyth
30 Understanding Business 11th edition PM Nickels McHugh McHugh
31 Statistics for Management & Economics 10th edition PS Gerald Keller
32 Logistics Management & Strategy SCM Alan Harrison, Remko van Hoek, Heather Skipworth
33 Essentials of Supply Chain Management SCM ref John Wiley & Sons
34 Shipping & Logistics Management TM Springer
35 Handbook of Global Logistics – Transportation in International Supply Chains TM ref Springer
36 Management of Transportation 7th edition TM ref Coyle
37 Modern Manners  – Tools to Take You to the Top-Potter Style Dorothea Johnson
38 Career Paths Logistics (Book 1+2+3) Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley,…
39 Probability and Statistics Murray R. Spiepel
40 Tiếng Hàn tổng hợp dành cho người Việt Nam
41 Custom Korean Materials Vietnamese 1
42 Standard Korean- Beginener III (Workbook + Worknote)
43 Standard Korean- Intermediate IV (Workbook + Worknote)
44 Standard Korean- Advanced V (Workbook + Worknote)
45 Standard Korean- Master VI (Workbook + Worknote)
46 Conversational Amer. English