Tran Bao Nguyen (IELTS 8.0) won a 100% full tuition scholarship from Tongmyong University, Korea

Tran Bao Nguyen – A talented student of Port Management and Logistics, a student in the 2018 class of the International Cooperation Program of the University of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Tongmyong University, Korea. Tran Bao Nguyen excelled in IELTS 8.0 and received a 100% full tuition scholarship from Tongmyong University, Korea. In 2018, she also excellently received the entrance valedictorian scholarship of the Institute for International Training and Cooperation (IEC) with a bonus of VND 50 million. Currently, I am preparing to enter the 4th year and studying at Tongmyong University in Korea. Here are Tran Bao Nguyen’s shares while studying here and how he felt when he won a full scholarship:

“What I like most about studying at Tongmyong University is that the professors are all very considerate and care about students. Although during the Covid-19 epidemic, we didn’t get to meet many professors in person, but the teachers were always asked if our health and life was okay and needed any help.In addition, the content of the lessons that the professors conveyed to me were very new and useful and in my opinion, here are the necessary knowledge for a student of Logistics.

Not only that, Korea Tongmyong University is a dynamic learning environment that not only helps me acquire good knowledge in class, but also creates conditions for creating ideas with students through activities. group, extracurricular. Studying at Tongmyong helps us practice more skills and valuable knowledge from the professors here.

Photo. Bao Nguyen and friends in an exchange with Korean students

In addition to the classroom lessons, Korea Tongmyong University also regularly supports students in finding job opportunities in Korea with “Job Fairs” throughout the study period to discuss the process and experience. Experience required to work in Korea. Or if you are a student who wants to work part-time while studying, the school also has a job search group. In addition, students studying Port Management and Logistics with me will have the opportunity to visit the largest port of Busan in Korea and Top in the world along with other extracurricular activities.

I feel very proud and happy to be one of the students who achieved a 100% full scholarship because I have partly relieved the financial burden for my family. I also thank Tongmyong University very much for giving many scholarships to foreign students.

If you want to experience Korea, Tongmyong University is also a very good choice.”

Photo. Tongmyong University Korea

Student Tran Bao Nguyen with the Department of Admissions and Communication IEC