1. Can I join the program if I haven’t got an IELTS certificate yet? Sure. We will organize a placement test to assess your English ability and then you will join an intensive English class at your current level before you study your major.
2. What’s the duration of the English class? It depends on your level after the placement test. There are 4 classes equivalent to four English levels and the duration of each level is different. Learn more here.
3. Can I join the English class and learn my major at the same time? Since your majors will be taught in English, you can’t study them if you do not meet the English requirement.
4. If I join an intensive English class, will I move to Korea late compared to my friends? – Each year, the transfer to Korea will be conducted twice.  Students with the same level of English will move with each other. If you have achieved IELTS 5.5 as required, you will follow the 4-year schedule.

– If you join the intensive English class for only 3 months, you can also follow the 4-year schedule.

– If you join the intensive English class for 6-8 months, you will follow the 4.5-year schedule.

– If you do not reach the basic level of English and get the low test results, you will follow the 5-year schedule.

– There is a whole class in each transfer, so don’t worry! You will not study there alone.

5. Can I study English outside and then submit my English certificate? No, you can’t. You have to study English in the university in order to ensure the quality of your learning. Our lecturers will follow up with your English level and give reasonable approaches as well as training plans to help you study better with your major, and facilitate your transfer to Korea.
6. What’s the tuition fee for English classes? It is varied from 5.5 to 6 million VND per month (we will sponsor your IELTS exam fee once). Learn more here .
7. Will you ensure we will reach the IELTS target? Absolutely. Our lecturers will design plans and follow your learning journey to help you get at least 5.5 in IELTS.


1. Where is your campus? You will study at the main campus of HCMC University of Transport (located at 02 Vo Oanh, ward 25, Binh Thanh district) before you move to South Korea.
2. How’s the facilities there? You will study in the classrooms exclusively for students of the joint-training program managed by the International Education and Cooperation Institute. The facility at IEC Institute  is very modern, and fully equipped to serve their learning. You can watch the clip introducing the class here.
3. Can you introduce me the university I will study after 2 years in Vietnam? You will have 2 options for your last 2-year study.

1. Tongmyong University: Logistics and Port Management.

2. Korean Maritime and Ocean University: Logistics and Supply Chains Management

4. Can you share with me some information about students who have already learned in Korea? Our previous students in Korea have made a clip sharing about the learning environment as well as related issues such as: tuition fees, scholarships, dormitory costs, part-time jobs, study hours, etc. You can watch it here.




1. Which majors will be eligible to study this program? Your majors should relate to economics, business administration, trade, logistics, transportation, import and export, etc.
2. Can I apply for this program if my major is not relevant with those which are mentioned? For those who are not in the above fields, you can still apply for the program. Solent University will consider if the applicants have aspirations, plans or have been working in Logistics and Transport industry. Then we will send the results to you.
3. When will the admission start? The admission starts right after the opening of the previous intake which is in every October.