Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the pillars of the industrial revolution 4.0

AI can be defined as a branch of Computer Sciences that deals with the automation of intelligent behaviors. AI can process data at a larger, larger scale, systematic, scientific and faster level than humans.

AI graduates can have diverse job opportunities, so this has been a pretty hot subject for the past 3 years. Some typical professions are:

+ AI application development engineer,

+ Engineering in developing automation systems, robots,

+ An expert in artificial intelligence,

+ Data engineer,

+ Business Analyst…

Working at technological companies, startups and early-stage startups, research institutes, telecommunications companies, manufacturing enterprises, etc.

Picture. Tongmyong University Korea

Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) and Tongmyong University are finalizing the application for an international education program in AI to grant Tongmyong University degrees, which is, if approved in 2022, one of the very few international education programs with international degree-granting in Vietnam.