IEC Hiring Academic Executive

1. Job Description:

Academic-related Tasks

  • To schedule the teaching hours for our lecturers every semester. To contact our lecturers for their assessment process.
  • To upload reports and final scores on the system.
  • To attend our meetings which relate to the training program and feedback.
  • To schedule the deadline for both lecturers and students to meet the deadline from our university.
  • To group students with lecturers for each module to easily contact. To process the payment for lecturers.
  • To do a survey for every semester to check how satisfied students get from the course.

Supporting Tasks

  • To assist the manager in tasks relating to our students and our lecturers.
  • To observe the lecturers and students as assigned.
  • To support and answer questions from our students.
  • To support when the Academic Department has any workshops or field trips.

2. Requirements:

  • Be fluent in English ( IELTS 6.5 or above)
  • Be good at communication and negotiation
  • A bachelor of English-related majors or international relations.

3. Benefits

  • Full time contract with negotiation salary
  • Bonus salary at the end of the year
  • Team Building trip
  • Insurance and other bonuses on special occasions.
  • 12 annual leave days