Announcing: Virtual Workshops on Assessment, Feedback and Social Learning

After the success of our summer series of workshops, the project “ENHANCE” will be hosting a second series of 5 virtual workshops on aspects of innovative and effective teaching and learning.

ENHANCE virtual workshops are designed to support and develop higher education teaching professionals who wish to improve their programs and curricula via the integration of innovative teaching and learning strategies. The workshops are open to our partners, their colleagues, and our broader network. While our project focuses on engineering and the integration of humanitarian engineering principles within curricula, we welcome practitioners from all fields.

Program of Events:

Assessment and feedback – 3 November 2021

Assessment is a key component of the curriculum, and therefore consideration of assessment strategies should be integrated into the design process during the early stages of the module and program development. The workshop will focus on the design of effective outcomes-based education with the alignment of intended learning outcomes, teaching methods, learning activities, and assessment strategy.

Academic integrity in online assessment – 24 November 2021

Academic misconduct is a wicked problem. In order to address it, we need to think about the students’ motivation to engage in academic misconduct; their opportunities to engage in misconduct; and means of prevention and detection. The purpose of this workshop is to help you create an assessment strategy that promotes academic integrity, in the context of the recent move to online assessment.

Peer dialogue on teaching – 8 December 2021

Peer Dialogue is not a judgmental process, but an opportunity for creative thinking about developing your educational practice. Peer dialogue among staff colleagues is a key dimension of academic and professional life in Higher Education. Through engaging imaginatively in peer dialogue and review, staff can be supported to find the most creative and successful ways of teaching, assessing, and supporting students. The workshop will focus on introducing the peer dialogue scheme and demonstrate how peer dialogue on teaching can support the development of individual teaching practice.

Student experience and engagement – 19 January 2022

This workshop will look at the student experience of online learning and teaching. Topics to be discussed relate to how to anticipate, solicit, assess and evaluate student needs and experiences when working online, appreciate the nature of engagement in online environments in order to select pedagogic approaches likely to motivate and engage online learners, support students to become confident and effective online learners, through a variety of approaches and differentiate between different learning theories and the ways in which they frame student learning in order to select methods and approaches appropriate to your aims.

Developing co- and extra-curricular resources – 16 February 2022

This workshop is designed to offer some ideas and inspiration for social learning such as students as researchers, public engagement, playful learning, and social justice. These ideas can be adopted individually or in combination, and adapted for different size groups and combinations of independent and collaborative working. This topic seems to be needed more than ever with the lack of or at least limited interaction on campus due to social distancing rules and the blended approach taken by Higher Education Institutions in a post-covid era.

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